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Given Dr. Ghormley’s physical medicine background, she finds working with children on musculoskeletal and nervous system development starts with postural development.  She utilizes laser frenectomy as one of several tools to help restore and maintain balance in a child’s growing body. Her focus is on upper airway support to increase oxygen to the tissue which has been shown to help with systemic inflammation in the body.  Frenectomy is also used in support of speech impairments and sleep disorders. Dr. Ghormley takes a well-rounded approach using myofascial release, and manipulations (naturopathic adjustments), and her treatment plans include total health (GI health, structural & nervous system development).



We specialize in support of structural changes w/regards to airway dysfunction such as OSA and postural imbalance.  As degeneration of soft tissue occurs over time, especially with our lingual and labial frenulum, and as sedimentation lifestyles become apparent, we are seeing more individuals with soft tissue tightening.  We used to associate sleep apnea with overweight adults but we are finding that is not the case anymore. Other changes that are seen that can be helped by frenectomy are teeth grinding, TMJ issues, and teeth marks on the tongue.  People are not utilizing their upper airways as efficiently as they were when they were younger. When you aren’t working out, or moving enough, you are creating the degeneration process which can lead to OSA.

Dr. Ghormley and her team utilize laser frenectomy to restore balance in tissues to give adults tools to overcome issues such as neck, and upper body pain along with disruptive sleep.  Getting better posture, and better sleep = better lifestyle balance. Utilize naturopathic adjustments to move the structures forward to allow for appreciative & more functional airway optimization. We find that soft tissue manipulation like myofascial release along w/adjustments & laser frenectomy has helped significantly in letting people gain more mobility in their upper MSK system.

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