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Who We Are

Dr. Jill Ghormley

Naturopathic Physician, Physical Medicine Specialist

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Dr. Jill Ghormley.  My love, my passion is helping people of all ages.  My career as a naturopathic physician has spanned almost 20 years.  I have traveled the world to do global medicine and provided acute/urgent care in various places in the world using my hands as a physical medicine specialist.  My skill sets and my passion for working with the nervous system through development and dysfunction has brought me to study more about what brings balance back to our bodies. 

I find myself investigating or drawing a road map for families to understand why their child will struggle w/ their suck/swallow, breathing, sleeping or simply having a bowel movement.  I find myself always gravitating back to the brain, to the nervous system especially the cranial nerve called the vagus nerve.  While I can go on about the nervous system, my love for this system came about due to my own journey as a deaf child.  I was misdiagnosed by several doctors until it was realized that my development was based on being born with hearing loss.  Until it was clear that my learning was inhibited by the lack of understanding or receiving sounds, my ability to comprehend or understand my environment was delayed.  My parents would tell you that I was a happy child who didn’t respond to my name when called.  I was a very active child.  My parents fought hard with the medical and educational system to help me grow and receive the right tools in order to develop my highest potential.  My first book was an anatomy book.  I wanted to find out why I was different from other children so I would look at the anatomy of the ear to determine what was different.

As a deaf provider who reads lips and “listens” to the body through my hands and eyes, am able to determine the best outcome for your child.  I work with parents on feeding coordination along w/nervous and musculoskeletal systems development.  Expert on reflux and teaching parents on how to slowly wean their babies off of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) or H2 blockers.  Go to the provider when it’s appropriate time for your child to have a tongue tie release.  Expert on suck swallow issues, especially in areas of laryngomalacia and/or lower esophageal development.

Britt Isbel

Clinical Assistant

Being a mom of 2 amazing and energetic boys, I found my way to Dr. Ghormley when my youngest son struggled with breastfeeding.  My journey actually began with a friend who is an occupational therapist and is based in Australia, she listened to my description of what my little one was struggling with and told me she felt my son had an oral restriction.  She then suggested to get him evaluated by Dr. Ghormley in 2020. 

As a social worker, my background stems from working with those who have struggled with chemical dependency and working with the senior population in program support and advocacy.  While my initial background is in social work, it was through my own experiences with going through the process of understanding oral restrictions that my focus and career took a dramatic shift.


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